Thursday, November 10, 2011

a first.

A dear friend of mine asked me to take photos of her family awhile ago. Like, months ago. I kept saying, "Maybe..." I had all sorts of excuses - I had never done family photos before, I wasn't familiar with editing with Elements... I warned her that they might not turn out that good. She asked me once and I thought maybe she'd forget. But she kept asking. So I decided to dive in and take-on my first family photo session. And thank goodness my first session was with a good friend. They made it so easy for me.


tossing leaves

I love this one.

Picture 069cbwweb


Cute little smile.

Picture 020cbwweb

Another favorite. (You gotta love those mossy rocks.)
Picture 138cweb

I learned a lot from this first photo session. From the photo shoot to the editing. (I learned that being a perfectionist makes for lengthy editing. lol.) Perhaps the biggest lesson learned is that I need to trust myself and my skills and talent, just as my friend did. She saw it in me long before I wanted to believe it was in me. Thank you, Anna.


Carla said...

You did a fantastic job! The pictures are great and I bet they loved them. Believe in your talent! :)

Anonymous said...

I only WISH my first session had been so beautiful! Don't question your skills. You did a BEAUTIFUL job! What a lucky friend, you have. :)

Naomi said...

You did great! These are beautiful! :)

Shawntae said...

These are awesome Andrea!! I agree with Michelle, you should no longer question your ability to photograph! Thank God for the friends that believe in us and sometimes give us that extra push we need.:)

Amanda said...

Andrea, you did a beautiful job! They all look so relaxed and natural - which is a huge compliment to you as the photographer! You obviously put them at ease and, as a result, captured some beautiful moments and images for your friend. Well done!!

deb duty said...

First session?!! You look like a pro. These are fabulous! Every single one is beautiful. I'm sure the family is thrilled!

Tracey said...

Beautiful A! I know how scary perfectionism can be, but relax! You captured this beautiful family in such a tender way. And that little boy's eyes are amazing!

Stacey said...

You did wonderful! And you said it best...She saw the talent in you before you believed it was there yourself. You did it!!

urban muser said...

these are great shots! i am sure they are thrilled with them. yay!

Marvett Smith said...

I think you did an amazing job!!! I love your b&w conversions. You definitely have talent, and it's wonderful that you're sharing it! :)

Casey Martinez said...

oh my those are beautiful pictures! Your firs family session?? Holy cow I wish I was that good when I started. Dang girl way to rock it! Love that last shot. So sweet! I agree though. I am a perfectionist with my editing and I can mull over one picture for an hour trying to get it perfect...or perfect to me. lol. You did amazing!

Skeller said...

awww, you've gotta love friends who can see our potential even before we can. bless her persistence. look what a gift you've given her! beautiful in every way.

looking forward to your thinkin' posts this week :-)