Saturday, January 12, 2013


Thursday was Max's sixth birthday, so I decided to capture his day. His big day turning SIX!
morning present

bday breakfast

race track

bday lunch

bday love


off to school

happy max balloon


bday cake

I can't believe he's six.
Where did the years go?


Carla said...

If you can find out where the years went, let me know. :)
Time sure flies. We just have to remember to stop and enjoy it. I love how you captured the day. The look on Max's face in the pic where he is eating the cereal is priceless. Hope he had a wonderful day!

stacey said...

These are really wonderful, Andrea. You perfectly captured his special day.

Michelle said...

He is one of the cutest boys ever. So sweet. :)

Brooke said...

What lovely captures of his BIRTHDAY! I haven't visited in a while, he looks so much bigger.

It goes so darn fast.
Sniff.... sniff.....

penandview said...

Love the one of him getting on the bus. And I so want a piece of the cake!!!

Marvett Smith said...

Sweet Max! Love these images. I hate when they grow up! :(

Anonymous said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Max! These are just perfect! I loooove his present! My brother had one as kids :) I bet you had to rip that controller from his hands to go to bed that night!! The school bus shot is sooo good. and love the cake shots :) Hope it was a Happy Day!!

Heather M. said...

love this! so great that you captured these photos of his day. happy birthday max!