Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sammy and her sticks.

sammy sue

She loves her sticks.

her stick

I take her out to go potty and she prances around, finds a stick and happily carries it up to the deck thinking she gets to bring it inside.

the stick chewer

hold on tight

But woe is Sammy - I tell her to drop the stick.
Momma isn't cleaning up chewed-up sticks around the house.
Poor girl.
It's hard being Sammy Sue.

peering below
Don't feel too sorry for her.
She gets plenty of time on the couch when dad is out of town.


Michelle said...

Ha. Lanie looks at me bewildered every single time I tell her to drop the stick on the porch. Crazy dogs.

penandview said...

Poor Sammie Sue. :(

stacey said...

Leo loves them, too!