Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the missing pictures.

So, if anyone has recently tried to view this blog lately (do I still have readers?...) you'll notice photos missing all of a sudden.
While on vacation in Colorado I got a notice on Flickr of a lovely new follower who added me as a contact and then proceeded to use a photo of mine as their own profile photo. I was livid.
So, I went into Flickr and changed the privacy settings on a LOT of my photos.
Which likely just ruined the HTML code for all the photos I've used in this blog for good, but I'd rather do that than know that people have access to all of my photos and can steal them and use them as their own.
Any of you who use Flickr - can you give me some advice here?... Is there a better site to use for uploading photos?...
Anyway, I'm annoyed with Flickr and the person who stole my photo and ruined this fun experience for me.
And I'm annoyed with myself that in the interest of protecting my art I've essentially completely ruined my blog.
Oh well, it's not like it's some grandios, beautiful blog with professional photos and tons of followers.

Anyway, if my blog looks awful, well, it's because it kind of is now.

I may be changing blogs or taking a long break now anyways.
Perhaps it's perfect timing.



Jean said...

our worst nightmares! i have had my fare share of "haters" on the world wide web..... some that try to take the exact same photos as you. i mean, i understand we'll get that, but not like 90% of the session, what the hill? and then you have the ones that make fake profile pages to bash you... and you have the ones that steal your work! gosh! i get annoyed, too! it's like, for real? you're really going to do that and think that other person will be unhappy about it??? goodness. what is wrong w/ these people??? i used to watermark all my stuff then i stopped...

i have used photobucket for the past too many years.. i tried flickr, but got lazy to learn.. some sites might have the no right click option...

ugh... the worries of us just trying to share a photo then you have those people... irritating.

Naomi said...

That is a bummer! People are so weird! Knock on wood, it hasnt happened to me yet but ive seen it happen to photog i follow on FB had someone use a pic of her daughter and say it was their daughter. Creeps! By the way, I still read your blog! I think its lovely and your pics are always lovely. Ive been wondering the same about my blog. I posted a few days ago and have zero comments. But, thats ok. I enjoyed taking them. Oh, my hubby started a blog with squarespace. Check it out if you dont want blogger!

Marisa said...

How horrible! People really suck sometimes. I'm sorry that happened. We'll love anything new you post, wherever it is, whenever you decide it's time. Just let us know where to view. :)

Heather M. said...

ugh. such a bummer. i've never had that happen but i keep most of my stuff on flickr private. sometimes the www can be scary. sorry this happened to you.

Shawntae said...

I have been using bloggers uploader for a little while now instead of flickr, and it seems like the quality is about the same. I found an html code somewhere to disable right click. I'm sure though that if someone wanted to steal them bad enough (because lets face it, some people are whacko) they could always do a screen save and crop it down. I don't think there's any way to completely protect it, unless you put a huge watermark over your entire image, but who wants to do that?
I hope it doesn't completely discourage you from doing your thing online.