Saturday, September 28, 2013

the end of the story.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this space over the past few years and the connections it has brought into my life.
But for now, I think it's time to say goodbye.
It has served its purpose.
I have nothing left to say.
It's the end of the story.
Thank you to those who have visited and left comments.
You are near and dear to my heart.
Perhaps someday the story might continue in a different time and place.
Thank you.


Jenn Di Spirito said...

I know I don't often comment but I always read and enjoy your words. Thank you for your openness over the last few years. Hugs.

Liza said...

Good bye, Andrea's blog. I certainly hope you decide your beautiful pictures and words soon. So long.

Aaron said...

Enjoy "one less thing to do." You're going to have your hands very full soon enough. Glad you're still on IG. :)

Michelle, Not Aaron said...

Not Aaron... Michelle. Sheesh.