Friday, February 18, 2011

tis the season!

Some people go crazy eating and drinking up a storm during the holidays. You know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...(and then everyone joins a gym and vows to diet when January 1st rolls around.)
Not me.
Girl Scout Cookie season is here! And all portion control has been tossed right out the window!
(Good thing I've started running again...sigh...)


Tracey said...

killin' me. Mine haven't arrived yet. I should be running extra miles before hand so that when they do come I don't have to fret about the lack of self control. Ha!
I saw a recipe online for homemade samoas (sp?). Yum!

Stacey said...

Our thin mints are already gone. I pretty much took down a whole sleeve one night. By myself. Yep.

And let's not forget Easter coming up and the multitude of chocolate and candy that comes with that holiday! Um....robin eggs? My favorite.