Monday, August 15, 2011

maggie monday. {a little closure}

it all looks wrong.

These were the photos I knew I just had to take. Not even a full day after she was gone. The sun was shining, Max was at day camp for the morning and I had gotten a call that flowers had been dropped-off at the house. So I came home, saw her collar sitting in my husband's office, grabbed my camera and headed out on the deck where just days earlier I had taken some photos of her. It was hard to do, but somehow picking-up my camera and taking these photos brought some closure (well, a little bit...)


The house seems a little bit empty. There's no one to sit under Max's chair at the table and clean-up his crumbs. No dog to let-out before we head upstairs to bed. No wagging tail to greet me when I come home. No need to put food far out of her reach on the counter. No bark when the doorbell rings... All the little things you take for granted {and maybe even drive you crazy some days} when you have a dog become such big voids when they are gone. I'm sure it'll take months to get used to her absence.

When I started my Maggie Monday posts way back in February we had known for about three months that she had cancer. And she was getting up there in years. I wanted to honor her in some small way - Maggie Mondays was perfect because she always brought a smile to my face, even on Mondays. And when I started this blog she was my best muse - she sat still, would look at me if I said just the right word {cookie}, she got some extra attention and I got some photography practice. We were the perfect team. And I'm quite certain that soon enough I will have another furry, four-legged muse to team-up with.

Until then...well, doing this last Maggie Monday post brings just a little bit more closure.

{And a big thank you to all of you who left such sweet comments and emailed. You are all too kind.} 

{Since last Thursday Max has had a lot of questions about Maggie's death and dying in general. Over the weekend when he saw her collar he asked, "How will Jesus know her name if she doesn't have her collar?" Oh my sweet, sweet boy... We assured him that Jesus would know her name and would have a brand new collar for sweet Mags to wear when she got to Heaven.  This collar was ours to keep to remember her by.}


Ashley Sisk said...

awwww hugs. The light is beautiful. Great way to remember her.

Shawntae said...

This post made me cry.:(

I'm glad you got a little closure and the pictures are beautiful.

Carla said...

Heartbreaking. I love the pictures. When I read the part about your son and how concerned he was that Jesus would not know her name . . . *sigh*. It's so hard. Little teary eyed now.

deb duty said...

I'm so sorry. The photos you took are a beautiful reminder of her and the light is just amazing.

Kristin said...

what a sweet and beautiful written post! I am so sorry for your lost but you have captured her so well! These photos are just absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I was doing ok until I read the last bit about Jesus knowing Mags and having a new collar for her in heaven. *tears*


Your pictures are beautiful.

Tracey said...

A--I am so sorry for you and your fam. I love these little memorial photos you took. They are a great memory of her. Hugs to you. :)
ps--finally getting back into PI. Sheesh--the summer just threw me off!

Brooke said...

Ohhh noooooo. I am so sorry! What a hard thing. She was such a beautiful doggie. Love the pic of Max giving her a hug below. She will certainly be missed!!

Marvett Smith said...

These are beautiful images, and I love the last part about Max wondering how Jesus would know her name. There is comfort in knowing that He does know isn't there? Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. You were blessed to have Maggie in your life.

Stacey said...

Oh my sweetness, Andrea. The part about the collar.... I am again so sorry about your Maggie. Hugs. xoxo

michelled said...

I'm so sorry! Maggie looked like an amazing dog. Such a hard thing...I had to put our 18+ year old cat down this summer and even though he was ready and I was ready, it was so tough. Just reading your last few posts and seeing her pics brings tears to my eyes.