Wednesday, August 24, 2011

two ladybugs & a doodlebug.

little lady bug.

A couple of weeks ago while out on the back deck, Max found a ladybug. Or I should say, a ladybug found Max. She crawled over his hands and up his arm, took a few turns checking out my hands as well. With camera in hand I had headed down to the backyard to shoot some photos of Maggie and Max later came down with his ladybug. She was apparently in no rush to head home.


They were both exploring the other.

The cute thing about this all is that my latest nickname for Max is Doodlebug and his new nickname for me is Ladybug. So there we were - the Doodlebug with his ladybug while his Ladybug snapped a few photos.

{Picture Inspiration Week 18 - Exploration. I'm sloowwly catching-up...}


Anonymous said...

I love the name Doodlebug. :)

Anonymous said...

aww how sweet :)

Marvett Smith said...

Very sweet! Love your images. The processing is perfect!

alicia said...

Love these pics. My kids are bug lovers, but I rarely get cute ladybugs. lol. Mostly snakes or stink bugs or something gross. I saw you on my WW visits and read that you were 38 in a comment. Being 38 myself I had to swing by. Lovely place here. I'm your newest GFC follower.

Casey Martinez said...

awww, I love that you got a close up of a lady bug! I haven't done any shots like that because my lens sucks for stuff like that but, when I get a out! lol. Great shots!