Friday, July 27, 2012

linked 52: time (the first tooth)

toothy grin
We had just pulled out of the driveway to head to the park for a play date when he said,
"Mom, it fell out."
Me (in my head), "Huh? Fell out?..."
"My tooth, it just fell out."
So we turned around to go show dad, who just happened to be home from work Wednesday.
inspecting the tooth
And then we went to our play date. With the tooth in a zip-lock so Max could show his friend, of course. ;-)
so little

those lashes, again...

Will someone please tell me where all of those days and weeks and months and years went?...
Just the other day he was teething.
(excuse me while I grab the kleenex...snilffle, sniffle...)

(So, for these photos I opened the blinds in Max's room and scooted his rocking chair right up to the window light. His room tends to be dark and so I also shot wide open - 1.4. And totally forgot, as usual, that I can adjust the ISO. I do this every.single.time. And it kills me. Because while I adore these photos for the moment and the memory, shooting that wide open left one eye sharp and one eye blurry in all of the photos. Another lesson learned. It's all about the learning!)

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Naomi said...

I cannot believe he lost a tooth! Id be sniffling too! :). He is just the cutest ever and i love these shots. And hnestly, if you didnt make a note about the one eye blurry i wouldnt have even noticed! Love your interpretation!

Amanda said...

Such a huge milestone! It does give us pause as mamas though, right? How can it be that we are already having to play Tooth Fairy?! I'm with Naomi - I wouldn't have noticed the one blurry eye either. We are always our own harshest critic - be kind to yourself, friend. These are lovely photos. :)

JennD said...

There's something about losing that first tooth that just makes it feel like time is flying out the window. Hugs mama!

Jean said...

Wow! He was all nonchalant about his tooth coming out. I'd be a spaz!

Time sure flies.

Anonymous said...

This Time theme is breaking my heart. And your post (the first I have read today) is why. Time is fleeting and moving too fast. :(

Love his little missing tooth hole in his mouth. :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on raising a beautiful growing boy, mama!

Heather M. said...

oh wow, already?!?! so bittersweet. hugs!

Amanda Kelley said...

I like the blurriness in the photos, something about it says makes it feel dreamy. What great capture of time, so sweet!

stacey said...

Wow!! He's growing up! :)

Tracey said...

Serious marker of growing older! Suddenly turns our babies into boys!