Friday, March 1, 2013

can i get an amen?...

sliver of light

Just a few things that I'm thankful for these days:

Blue sky, sunshiny days! They don't come around often this time of year, but we've had quite a few lately.

New medical dramas. Have you seen Monday Mornings on TNT?... It's not the greatest show (I actually kind of doubt it will last more than one season) but I love me a medical drama. And Greys is just getting cheesier and cheesier by the week.

Downton Abbey. Need I say more? I heart that show.

Roses and a new remote shutter for my D700 from the hubby on Valentine's day

A fun babysitter for Max who lives just down the street. She brought games for him to play! None of my other sitters have brought entertainment for Max.

Making it 4 years, 8 months, and 21 days seizure-free.

On-call doctors who are actually kind and patient with a crying, panicky patient when they have to call you at 11:30pm.

Kind and caring emails from far away friends this past week.

Packages arriving in the mail.

Parents who I can always count on to come to my aid when I desperately need some help.

Vanilla spice lattes with whip!

A Sunday outing with a friend to see the Vivian Maier exhibit.

New, yummy coffee shops.

That sliver of light that found me on a day I really needed it.

And the friend who emailed me that very morning and told me she hoped I found a sliver of light among the darkness.


sliver of light


Michelle said...

That is a fabulous list, Andrea. :) Great outlook.

Naomi said...

Love these photos and love your list! Lots to be thankful for! Especially Downton Abbey. Ha :)

Jean said...

What an awesome babysitter! I love entertaining little ones.

Love this list! The light is amazing!

stacey said...

I loved reading your list, Andrea. Way to see the light.

Carla said...

Amen. Great list. :)

Heather M. said...

Such a great list! Amen! :)

penandview said...

Love your list! And I love this photo too.