Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm feeling inspired...

(I don't feel inspired and moved to action very often, so this is big folks.)

One of my goals this year is to cultivate creativity.

I've thought about what kinds of creative things I'd like to do; there are so many options. I've always wanted to quilt. But I don't have a sewing machine, and buying all that fabric can be expensive. I've done some stamping in the past. I have all sorts of paper, stamps, ink pads and trinkets to embellish my creations. But I'd like to try something new.
And that's when I thought of my wonderful Nikon D70s.
My dad gave me this camera Christmas of 2006. I was hugely pregnant with my son, and my dad thought I needed a really good camera for taking pictures of the soon-to-be newest addition to the family. I used the camera quite a bit that first year I had it. I was home alone with a newborn, what else was I supposed to do?...

But the Nikon has been a little neglected lately...(not only has it been sitting on a shelf for FAR too long, I've also been secretly lusting after the Nikon D3000.)

So, I've made a commitment this year to dust-off the Nikon, read the manual, and start shooting a lot more pictures! Practice makes perfect...(ok, so maybe not perfect, but better photographs.)

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