Thursday, April 26, 2012

a little mid-week random & a selfie.


Some songs I'm loving right now: There Will Be a Day, The Hurt and the Healer, My Hope is in You (this one made me cry. Music videos are supposed to have happy endings!)

Don't look at blog statistics. Ever. Never ever. Just a bad idea.

There are only 11 days of preschool left this year. Eleven. Better start planning some activities for the summer. Summer always frightens me a bit.

Have you seen Ellen's Dance Dares? This one with Sean Hayes is my favorite.

Currently reading this book, Boundaries, for Bible Study. I am learning that I'm a fairly boundary-less person. Not good.

I love this article about projecting into the silence. I project so, SO much into the unanswered email or text. What do you project?

I really liked this Shutter Sisters article as well.

I've been really into black and white lately. I think it's partly because I have not been happy with my color edits, and they just look too busy with all of that color. But all of that black and white is kinda drab, huh?...

Been working on a Couch to 5k running program. I kind of like it. Makes the days I have to get a run in a little less daunting feeling. Already have plans to do the Couch to 10k program!

I would enjoy warm, sunny weather much more if there were no bees and wasps in the world. Scared to death people. Crazy scared. It's really dumb. And I look really foolish running from and batting at that bee or wasp. (And yes, I realize we need them both...)

Selfie taken a few weeks ago at the in-laws while we were in Seattle for spring break.

So much more to say, but my brain is in a fog this morning.


stacey said...

I love that Aaron Shust song. I had never seen the video. Let's just say I got my cry in for the day. Wait, my second cry in for the day ;)

And I totally got my laugh in for the day!! I need to watch more Ellen!! Loved that!

Ah yes, boundaries. I've struggled with that in the past but have grown SO much the past few years.

I've been loving your black and whites!

I'm still running, but not as much. Realizing a half marathon is going to have to wait because I just can't feasibly train with two small kids right now. Which I've excepted. A 10K, though? That I could do! I've been doing yoga and I LOVE it. I do it at least two times a week now and even though I still need the cardio to maintain (and lose) weight (which I need to do, have gained back 6 pounds I lost over the winter, ugh), Yoga is a huge strength builder for me. I can finally do the boat pose!! Progress!


stacey said...

Accepted, I mean. I must be in a fog today, too!

Michelle said...

I love Boundaries. That honestly changed the way I interact with people. Such a great book. :)

Love the selfie!

Love that you are running.

Don't love projecting. I do that sometimes too. Not good.

Don't love wasps but try to put on a brave face. ;)

Do ADORE the warm, sunny weather although it keeps me from my computer which makes me feel disconnected from all my online friends. :(

Don't ever look at blog statistics. I don't wanna know. ;)

Ummm... that's it for now.

But I really do love the selfie. It's so quiet and unobtrusive. :)

Carla said...

Love black and white -- nothing wrong with black and white.
I've started running a little. I hate running but I need some exercise and I always feel better when I'm done. I'm not doing C2K but I usually do walking and running intervals for a couple of miles.
I'm totally terrified of all things that sting. I run screaming like a little girl. Never been stung, never want to be.
I dvr Ellen every day because I love her! She is a shining light. I did enjoy the Sean Hayes one.
I so understand the projecting into the unanswered e-mail or text. I SO understand.
Love to read your posts -- never mind about those stats.
I think I've been in a fog for a long time. I need a vacation.

Heather M. said...

love this list of random. :)

i'm horrible for projecting too. totally awful. :( boo.

and that dance dares video made me laugh. thanks for sharing. :)

Tracey said...

Blog statistics create unneeded strife. They created struggle in my heart when I had my last blog. When I moved over to my new place I made a choice not to use them. I don't want to know. So freeing!

Love that phrase "projecting into silence". I wonder how much unneeded strife I give myself there too? Ugh.

I love your bw's! The one of your son at the desk....

Hmmm...I love bees. The best thing that happened to me was when I was in college and I took my preschoolers to the bee biology lab at the university. They got to wear little bee keeper outfits and we learned about the bees. We smoked the hive and then the keeper pulled out the males and we held them--because they don't have stingers!!!!
You should probably avoid Heidi's post today.... :)

Oh, and way to go on the 5K routine! You put me to shame!

Naomi said...

I love your randomness. I love that Ellen clip. She is so funny! Why don't I watch her more often?

I'm loving black and white right now too. It is just so moody. Why I like that right now I don't know. ha.

I'm totally scared to get stung too! But, I hate spiders and snakes more. lol

Amanda Kelley said...

Great thoughts all blend so nicely together. I like this selfie post, something I might need to try.