Saturday, June 30, 2012

linked 52: lighting experiment (aka the light: laundry room)

shoes illuminated

laundry basket light

Okay, so this isn't really any great lighting experiment, but this light stopped me dead in my tracks. I didn't even take these on the same day. But both times when I walked past the laundry room and saw that morning light I grabbed both my iPhone and Nikon and snapped away. Those of you who follow me on IG saw these. I love light like this. Dramatic. Just a peek of brightness in the darkness. Illuminating a pillow and shoes I'm protecting from the jaws of sweet Sammy. Casting an intricate pattern of light and shadows on the floor. This kind of light inspires me. This is why I pick-up my camera. Anyone else would have walked right on by, but when you've taken pictures long enough you notice the light. It stops you, it makes your heart skip a beat. It makes you wonder at the details of your life. My dirty, ugly, piled-high-with-stuff laundry room - made beautiful by a sliver of morning light. These may very well be two of my favorite photos this year (well, besides all of my photos of my Maxwell.) 

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Naomi said...

Isn't it funny, the eye of a photographer? Before I was truly into photography, I don't think I would have noticed the light. But now that I am aware, I see it everywhere. I see life differently too. Beautiful shots Andrea!

Jean said...

love these! i love finding light in a new way! :) some people don't understand. i just hope the photo of the light in my bedroom, showing my bed did not throw people off.

love, love the basket light! love <3

Tracey said...

I love them too because they are a slice of life captured in that sliver of light. :)

Kristi said...

Great shots Andrea. Who knew how just how lovely a laundry room could look!

stacey said...

I loooove these, Andrea.

JennD said...

The light is beautiful - especially the way you photographed it! So glowy and moody.

Simply Sara said...

these are awesome.
light is cool.
it just is.

and these pictures truly show that!

ZeldaMom said...

These are great, I love when blacks are black.
My hubs has an eye for great lighting and great composition just naturally, I don't, but the more pictures I take, I'm beginning to "see the light", and it sure is fun.
I need to get on my computer so I can see these better, (phone is kind of little).

Amanda Kelley said...

Your lighting keeps getting better and better!!! This one rocks! I love the darkness of the corners and the laundry basket shadow.