Saturday, June 9, 2012

linked 52: party (aka: the week I spent with mcdreamy & friends))


They left last Sunday afternoon. Eric took Max up to Seattle with him this past week. Max got to spend the week with Omi & Opa (Meisgeiers) and Gma & Gda (Roths) while Eric worked in Seattle. Dare I say my week was blissful?...I was desperate for a break.

A few things I learned during my week alone:

1. I did not - even for one moment - miss hearing the sound of my voice nagging Max to do this or that, or stop doing this or that, or get clothes on, or eat, or wash hands, or stop bugging the dog.

2. My natural tendency is toward the lazy end of the continuum. I spent one whole day in my PJs watching Greys Anatomy DVDs.(Side note: I still dislike George O'Malley. Izzie is still annoying. I have grown to love Bailey. And McDreamy is so much cuter than McSteamy. I watched all of season three!)

3. Even with no one around, I still occasionally want to talk. So I just talked to Sammy a bit more than normal. I think she liked it.

4. Silence is nice. Very nice.

5. I "do" being alone pretty well. Maybe too well. I could have gone the entire week and not talked to anyone or done anything with anyone and would've been just fine. (I'm a cancer the crab - I like to retreat to the safety of my little shell.)

6. Five nights in my own bed - ALL night with no little person coming to get me to get in my bed or have me follow him to his bed = HEAVENLY!

7. My list of social activities included: dinner and photo walk with Barbara, dinner with my brother and his new fiancee, drinks with a girlfriend Thursday night, and photos of triplets Friday. A fun week.

8. A little piece of me misses my single, child-free days.

9. A much larger piece of my really missed my little Maxwell. :)

My week long "me" party was nice. It was so desperately needed. I'm hoping it will be like rebooting my computer after weeks of encountering the blue screen of death. I'm hoping to start anew with a better attitude towards parenting and keeping my stress level in check.
Fairly certain this will become an annual event. ;)

(And I'm happy to say I'm back for Linked! Just posting late again.)

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Liza said...

A week alone sounds like heaven.

ZeldaMom said...

Yay, I always got so excited with the idea of alone time, then something would happen and someone would stay home...damn!
Now I have lots of alone time and I miss the chaos of when they were little...well, maybe not. Ha!
Try to carve out little mini Andrea times whenever and however you can! Glad you're back.

Carla said...

Glad you are back for linked. I ended up skipping this week.
I ♥ Grey's. I did like George and Izzy but I like the characters on now just as well, if not better. Bailey is great -- glad she won you over. I have a couple of seasons at my house. Hearing you talk about watching this kind of makes me want so start watching from the beginning because there is lots of stuff that I forgot.
Glad you enjoyed your alone time. Make the time for it. It is so needed as a parent.
Dying to see pictures of these triplets. :)

Naomi said...

That sounds wonderful. Glad you had a great week!

Heather M. said...

that sound better than the best party i can imagine. a week alone would be pure bliss right now. so glad you were able to have that. we are so similar in so many ways. so glad you joined up with linked again this week. :)

Tracey said...

Your self-party sounds so wonderful!!!! I'm glad you got that break for yourself.

Michelle said...

An introverts dream!! I want a week like that for myself! I think you made the most of it. :)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Oh geez, I'm the SAME! I draw my strength back from ALONE time! You know those moms that say like "oh, i never get to shower... or I never do anything for me"? Yeah. I'm not one of those. lol I MUST MUST MUST have alone time for my sanity. I sometimes feel guilty about it, but I'm a better mom for it in the end.

Secretly Jealous of Your Alone Time

Kristin said...

oh a week alone sounds like a dream! i would love to just stay in pj's and relax and not worry about any one else! sounds like a wonderful time! so happy you got some me time!! :)