Monday, September 10, 2012

the birthday girl!

the birthday girl
We arbitrarily decided Sammy's birthday would be September 1st (loosely based on the fact that the vet figured she was born last September). But then Max decided her birthday should be the 2nd since two is his favorite number. But then we were too busy on the 2nd, so we kind of forgot to do anything for Sammy until the 3rd. So, there you have it...Sammy in a silly birthday hat from one of Max's old parties. I was shocked she just let me put it on and didn't really mess with it. Eric held up some treats so that she'd look (kinda) my way.
She's a really great girl. So calm and sweet and much more trainable than Maggie ever seemed to be (Oh Maggie, I still love you dearly!) She is just a perfect fit for our family. Hard to believe we've only had her seven months. It seems like it's been so much longer. And I just love that she sleeps under the bed on my side. I always sneak a peek under there and give her some love before I get in bed.
Wishing you many more birthdays to come, my sweet Sammy Sue! 
the birthday girl


georgia b. said...

eeeek! that second photo is the best! i want to kiss that dog! she looks as sweet as you describe. and how much do i love the way you came up with her birthday. so sweet.

i don't know what it is, but i love all your black and whites. they have such beautiful tones always.

Michelle said...

I adore these photos and I love that she sleeps under your side of the bed. Lanie sleeps under Ken's side and I'm a little bitter about it. ;)

I also love that you arbitrarily chose a birthday for her. Awesome!

Jean said...

So cute that you guys picked a birthday for her.

When I lived w/ my boyfriend, his dad & brother... I used to dress the brother's staffy bull a lot. hankies, and even tutu & fairy wings. I wish B and I weren't so allergic to animals. :( I love them and photographing them is fun.

These photos are great! Just want to play with her!

stacey said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! Wishing I could give her some birthday love!

Tracey said...

So sweet. I wish I had a Sammy dog to sleep under my bed. :)