Thursday, September 6, 2012

this one's for you!

A certain someone out there who shall remain nameless, emailed me upon seeing this first photo which I used in my B&A post and said she just about died laughing when she saw it. This post is for you, friend!
the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

the performer!

Max will use anything as a stage and sing to just about anything. You'd be surprised at how many songs he knows the lyrics to. I'm pretty sure he was singing Like a Prayer by Madonna during this performance (kind of hard to forget when your five year old is singing Like a Prayer on a little kid table)...not sure what I should think of this performance... sigh...

But I'm gonna take it as a proud mom moment. ;)


georgia b. said...

oh, you should! that first pic is my favorite one. he's bound for stardom! =)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Ya talkin' to me??! ;-))


These pics are just FAB at capturing his sweet and silly personality! The 2nd to last pic, I died. Lololol!!! He and TT need to meet pronto! He just might give her a run for her money! ;-) Love these friend! xo

Shawntae said...

How funny! I love these shots.

Amanda Kelley said...

OMG the on of the tooth brush as a mircrophone...LOVE. He such a cutie! Love his first day of school photos too!

Tracey said...

Cracks me up! Ha! So funny to see the universal silliness of kids. Goofballs!

stacey said...

These are so perfect! I think these are some of my favorites you have taken of him. :)