Wednesday, October 3, 2012

fall is falling all around.


waiting for company

on the steps


hanging on
A friend told me yesterday to keep documenting my beautiful life.
And so I did just that -
 I picked-up my lonely Nikon and got lost in capturing the beauty of autumn.
Thank you.


stacey said...

Andrea. These took my breath away. Really. THIS is why you take photos. Not because someone else wants you to. But because it makes you aware of the beauty all around you. YOU are beautiful and I just adore these photos so much. xoxo

Jean said...

I love these! These are so cute!! Every time I see the leaves on the ground, I get so giddy inside me and want to dance. People might think I'm a bit strange b/c I'm smiling, it's just b/c the season really makes me happy. It's the simple things as the leaves falling, the colors & the crunching on the leaves that makes me so happy and glad to be alive!

Liza said...

This collection is gorgeous.