Thursday, October 4, 2012

little miss lazy.

little miss lazy
I love her.
So, so much.
Who knew I'd love dogs so much?...
She's so soft and sweet.
With one ear always at attention and one ear relaxed.
She's lazy. She even answers to the name lazy.
She's my dog alright...likes to lay around and snooze, preferably in the sun.
She has a hard time getting up at the crack of dawn with Eric. She knows that 4:30am is far too early to be up and moving about.
She moans when she stretches while lazing around. It's the cutest thing.
She brings me her toys when she wants to play with me. A ball to throw. A rope to play tug of war with.
She sniffs around like it's going out of style when she goes outside.
It's amazing to me how different she is from Maggie.
She's my baby girl. I call her my baby all of the time. I think she knows she's the baby of the family...
I love her furry face.
So, so much.

miss lazy


Amanda said...

Okay, so I gotta say - for a girl who wasn't sure 3 days ago if she should leave this space behind, you sure are posting some beauties for the rest of us to enjoy. :) Keep 'em coming, friend. xo

Michelle said...

I adore her. Her laziness comes across through the blog posts. ;) She's such a beauty.