Thursday, November 1, 2012

the friends that are family.

This family is like family to us. Eric and Rob grew-up together on Mercer Island. They've known each other since the time they were Max's age. Eric has always considered Rob a brother, and in a way, they really are brothers when you see them together. And all these years later we ended up moving to the same little SW Washington city that they were living in, Camas. The girls have called Eric, Uncle Meis, for years...and then we got married and I became Auntie Meis (doesn't have quite the same, cute ring to it...) Those girls love Max like the brother they don't have, and Max loves Miss A and Miss H like sisters he doesn't have.
It's a rare and beautiful thing. They're a gift, really. Those friends who would do anything for you, and you for them - no questions asked.
It was an easy shoot - our friends that are family.
Thank you, Afflecks.



strike a pose

silly girls


miss a.

miss h.






Liza said...

I can see the love and trust they have in you through these pictures. Those little girls are precious. Great job, Andrea.

Bethany Crowell said...

Beautiful photos, Miss A!

ZeldaMom said...

I agree with Liza, those girls are totally at ease with you.
I Love those freckles!
Very nice work.

Carla said...

These photos are gorgeous! Love the light. Those freckles just kill me. My favorites are probably the silly one that you posted earlier and the overhead shot of the whole family.
So nice to have great friends like that too. :)

georgia b. said...

nicely done, andrea!! i love that first shot. also love the two individual shots of the girls and the color shot of them together beneath it. so sweet. yes... we have some friends like this, too. like i said on fb... they are gold. beautiful shoot!

stacey said...

Such a beautiful job, A! They are going to love these! Love those freckles!!

Heather M. said...

great photos, andrea! totally love that swing one!

Amanda Kelley said...

Beautiful family, beautiful girls. I love those freckles!!!

penandview said...

Love all of the freckles! What a sweet family. You did a beautiful job!