Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the leaves have all fallen.

among the leaves
ready to blow some leaves!
daddy's helper
leaf blower collage
Our backyard backs-up to a green-belt in our neighborhood. A greenbelt with lots of huge maple trees of some sort. It's really the most beautiful backyard a person could ask for - big, glorious trees to watch change with the seasons and blow in the wind; and best yet - no backyard neighbors. We are spoiled. But when the leaves fall off in the fall, they create quite the pile. HUGE piles of leaves. It's all really rather lovely. A leaf-jumping kid's dream. And since we have the greenbelt that means we don't have to rake leaves and bag them. Nope. We get to just blow them into the greenbelt and let nature do her natural recycling thing. :) This year Max took hold of that leaf blower and boy did he have fun. So glad I got out my big camera for this little adventure. The leaves are all off the trees now. We can see a bit further to the north. I can see where I worked before I had Max. Ironically, with the leaves gone in the winter we get about the same amount of light in the house (before it gets dark at 4:30) as in the summer when all of those leaves block a lot of light (and cast a green tint on everything.) Now we can watch the branches bend in the winter winds. I love these trees.


Marisa said...

You have the perfect leaf setup! I'm so jealous. I loathe bagging.

penandview said...

Oh man, I would LOVE that backyard too! Fun to see him digging the leaf blower. Ha!