Monday, November 12, 2012

unlike any other.

piles and piles

all different
It's easy to get caught-up in the masses. To think that you are just like everyone else out there. We get caught-up in the latest fashions, and the latest thinking, and keeping up with the Jones'. All most of us have ever really wanted, from the time we were in grade school, was to be like the rest. To fit in. To be liked. And at middle age, most of us still go to great lengths to be like everyone else. Skinny jeans, long sweater, cute boots, long hair with just the perfect length bangs. Check! We fit in! Or at least we look like we fit in. But I would venture to guess that there is a lot of suppression of our real self in those attempts. And underneath that suppression, a lot of sadness.
We will likely always live in a world where conforming to the masses is far more acceptable than making our own statement.
unlike any other
But I sincerely hope you know you are unlike any other.
Yes, You. 
The sound and tone of your voice, your brain, your fingerprints, and irises are nothing like your mom or dad's, your child's, or your best friend's. They are not like your spouse's, or your child's teacher, or your favorite politician's or the pastor of your church. So while you may nod your head in agreement with those around you, please know that you are not them. And they are not you. 
No matter how much you try to fit in among the masses, you will never fit in.
And that is such a beautiful thing. 
Let your unique voice be heard. Don't be afraid to brush-up against the masses and say something different. Do not let your overwhelming desire to fit in, override the pieces of you that make you unlike any other. God did not fearfully and wonderfully make you just to watch you float adrift on the current of popular style, opinion and thinking. He made you unlike any other. Cherish that. Guard it with your heart. Let it shine. Think for yourself, not for the masses.

You get this one life; this one version of you.
Stop trying to be like everyone else, and instead - be unlike any other.


Jean said...

I think it's too hard to try to be like anyone else and I kind of am like... lazy. Oops. Did I just write that?? Haha.

I learned long ago as a child that I was not like everyone else. And you know what? I love me regardless how flaw-full I am! :)

I love the photos of the leaves, such great way to interpret it. Leaves are just so cool! I am so upset w/ myself that I didn't photograph some cool leaves I saw in the woods awhile back. I brought back two, but by then,,, the color faded. It was a type of maple leaf... The back felt like white & velvet! & the front was colorful (red/yellow/orange). Maybe I'll have to go next year. Still mad at myself for not taking photos.

penandview said...

"God did not fearfully and wonderfully make you just to watch you float adrift on the current of popular style, opinion and thinking. He made you unlike any other."
Thanks for the reminder. :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Beautiful words and photos!

Shawntae said...


Naomi said...

Oh I just love this Andrea.

Heather M. said...

what a beautiful post and powerful words, andrea!