Wednesday, May 1, 2013

morning light.

morning light
morning light
little workers
sliver of light

Anyone who knows even a little bit about me knows I'm not at all a morning person.
But today, as I was up early to get Max off to school early (he's PM kindergarten, but every other Wednesday they go all day...crazy...) I noticed the lovely morning light streaming in.
Of course it streams into the messiest places in our house in the morning -
the laundry room, the master bathroom, the toy littered family room.
But then it got me thinking that really, it's the messy places in our life that most need illumination, right?
The dark, dank, dirty, disastrous places of our being that are most in need of that lovely, graceful light.
A few bright, warm rays to rouse us to a new day, full of possibility.


Jean said...

i'm a morning person by habit. i do try my best to sleep in.. by 10pm i want to zzzzz.

i just love that morning light. light in general since we have tall wide trees in our yard! :)

Michelle said...


stacey said...

I love the morning light in our house, too.

penandview said...

The more I find morning light, the more I become more of a morning person. It makes me smile!