Tuesday, May 7, 2013

this is why.

little man

He had just gotten his hair cut and they put some wax hair gel in his hair. It smelled like grapes.
He smelled like grapes.
He didn't like his new stylish "doo" and he kept messing with his hair.
Dad was getting the sprinklers working for spring and summer, and Max was playing in his Bronco.

I saw my chance and I grabbed my camera.
And I caught this little moment.
This little moment that when I look at it speaks volumes to me.
There's a look in his eyes...
And the expression on his face...
His messed hair and pen on his hands.
I can still feel the moment I snapped the shutter.
Sometimes you capture more than just pixels on a sensor.
Sometimes you capture an emotion, a feeling, a little piece of the person.
I did just that in this moment.

And this is why I take pictures.
This is why I love photography.
This is why I am a photographer.

1 comment:

Shawntae said...

So sweet.
I love grape smelling things. :)