Thursday, June 20, 2013

the cutest baby age.

baby a
A couple of weeks ago our good friends, Doug and Kristi came over with their little man. He's seven months old. And this is the age I go a bit ga-ga over. They smile and are curious about everything! His momma set him on the quilt and I came over with my big black Nikon in my face and "click!" - he just looked up at me with those big sweet eyes. He was so interested in me taking pictures of him. He made my job so, so easy.
baby a
baby a
baby a
baby a
baby a
Those blonde curls...
That hair...
baby a
baby a
So glad to spend time with these friends. Some of you may remember Kristi from our weekly Linked Project in 2012.
Thank you, sweet friends. We'll have to do that again soon!


Liza said...

These shots are wonderful, Andrea. Glad you had a chance to catch up.

stacey said...

So cute. I absolutely adore that age, too.
And it looks like the commenting is working now!

Tracey said...

He is adorable! What awesome hair! How fun you had a chance to capture some baby photos too. I live for doing photos with this age.

Aaron said...

These are so sweet.

Baby wants some wine. ;)

Naomi said...

His hair!! So so cute. Love the black and whites!