Monday, June 3, 2013

slice of life: haagen dazs (aka how come he gets the last one?)

ice creamice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream

The little stinker took the last one. I thought he was going for a popsicle and I turn around to see he's got the last Haagen Dazs. With nuts!!
When I showed Eric the photos on the back of my camera he said, "How come he gets the last one?"
I told him it was only because he didn't get to it first. HA!

ice cream

Max had a few bites.
And then you know what he did?
He tossed it in the garbage. I kid you not!
That kid of mine tossed half a Haagen Dazs with chocolate and nuts in the garbage.

(I won't tell you if I grabbed it out of the garbage and rinsed it off or not...)


penandview said...

I am horrified that he threw it in the garbage! That is my favorite ice cream treat ever!!!

Liza said...

Ahhhhh, Kids just don't understand.

Heather M. said...

I really did leave a comment yesterday on here. Find I'm hardly ever on my big computer reading blogs any more and thought all along it was working from my phone... boo!

anyway, love these photos so much. and i'm majorly craving a #hdwn :)

Shawntae said...


Shaun can never get through an entire ice cream item or Popsicle and he puts it back in the freezer half eaten! lol