Tuesday, June 4, 2013

fortunately and unfortunately: tuesday randomness.

freshly sharpened

Fortunately unfortunately, today was my last day of volunteering at Max's school (I think...)

freshly sharpened
freshly sharpened

My favorite part of volunteering this year was sharpening a big pile of pencils at home. (Wow. That makes me sound really awful, doesn't it? Well, that was my favorite part of at-home volunteer work.)

My favorite part of in-class volunteer work was getting see all the kids in the class and my little Maxwell. Getting a glimpse into what a portion of his day is like.

My fear about volunteering this year was breaking messing-up the laminating machine. (First world fears and problems...I know. Ridiculous.)

Unfortunately, today I did something wrong while using the laminator. I wouldn't say I broke it exactly... But it was unusable by the time I was finished using it.

Fortunately, I finished my laminating project before it broke stopped working.

Unfortunately, I had to stay a bit longer to complete my task.

Fortunately, I got the chance to talk to the principal about first grade next year.

freshly sharpened

I really enjoyed sharpening these pencils.
I really, really enjoyed taking macro photos of these pencils.
I really like simple tasks that leave you with a strong sense of getting something simple done quickly, and checked off the "to-do" list.
Like vacuuming...but I won't get into that now.

freshly sharpened

You know what else I really enjoy?...
The smell of crayons and looking at all of those colors.
But that's a different post.
With a different set of macro photos.

freshly sharpened

Oh and then I went to the store and took an item off the shelf of a perfect display (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw it.)
Again, that's a different post...maybe for tomorrow.

It's a Tuesday.
Mine was pretty good.
How was yours?...

(does anybody else have vivid memories of writing "fortunately and unfortunately" stories in elementary school?...)


Carla said...

I LOVE, LOVE these photos. Great job!

I wish I could volunteer at Joe's school but my work schedule just doesn't allow it at this time. :(

I laminate often but I still have a fear that I will break the machine. It might have happened before. Just saying. :)

My Tuesday ok. Nothing to crazy. Got lots of stuff ready to do Pre-K graduation with the kiddos at work tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

Heather M. said...

Love these photos!! My Tuesday was pretty good too. It didn't go at all as I had planned but that's okay. It was sunny and pretty warm and we were outside lots so that was good. And there's nothing like becoming a mom to interrupt the to-do list, hey?!

Barbara said...

I love the photos, but especially the eraser one...very unique and clever. My Tuesday was good, too :-)

Marisa said...

Perfect post, and perfect pictures to accompany the post! Macros of school supplies might be my favorite pictures ever. Fantastic!

penandview said...

I remember reading those stories to my kids. Have you ever read the story? The author came to a reading at a Standford book store and my mother-in-law got a signed copy.
Love the macro photos!

stacey said...

These photos are fun and I'm happy to say our Tuesday was the last day of school!

Shawntae said...

I did see the instagram shot. :)
I loved it and I love these wonderful shots!