Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the big boys.

in awe of the big boys.

Dear little boy of mine,
I know you love to watch the big boys. They run around and shoot hoops and ride their bikes and scooters down our steep hill. You stand in awe, watching. And I can tell you want to do all of those things. You even ask me if the big boys would play with you.
You will be big soon enough. Far too soon, I'm afraid. There will come a day when you do all of the things those big boys are doing, and the little boys will stand in awe of you.
I love your more than you know, my little man.
Hugs and kisses,


Sarah said...

That is so sweet! What a great capture!!

Amanda said...

Oh, so sweet, Andrea. I just love this photo and your message to Max. His "big boy" days are not far off...what lovely light you captured!! Love seeing all your photos and posts lately.

Meagan said... sweet. My cousin's little boy is 8 and he was so sweet to play with my 2-yr-old Andrew all weekend. He even brought him some old toys for them to play with together. Andrew was in awe! It's cute to watch them. :)

The Cat Hag said...

This is such a precious post... love the photo too! :)

The Cat Hag

Brooke said...

Awww.... stay little just a little longer, Buddy!
What a cute shot - that light is FANTASTIC. Don't you just love this time of year?

Casey Martinez said...

awwww too sweet! I remember being younger and always wishing to be bigger to be able to do the older kids stuff and now as a mom I am saying the same thing as will be big soon enough little one just you watch! IT goes so fast!!