Friday, July 29, 2011

a little friday randomness.

A little randomness for your Friday...
1. About this time of year I start to get excited for fall and Halloween. I love fall and all the glorious colors and the crisp, cool, sunny days. And I love the kids dressed-up, love the spooky decorations, love the candy.
2. While flying to Denver and then back to Seattle I came to realize that I've developed this fear of flying as I've gotten older. I think it really started once I had a child, and realized just how precious life is. I especially don't like flying through clouds. It makes me feel claustrophobic (and being packed onto a steel tube with wings doesn't?...Makes no sense, I know.)
3. I wonder what happened to the bloggers who used to comment on my posts all the time, who I hardly ever hear from anymore. Did I offend? Is my blog too boring for them now? Are my photos just not good enough? I know, I know...I shouldn't worry about them. It probably has nothing to do with me. But being the hyper-sensitive person that I am, I think about these kinds of things far too much (like daily). I also wonder why some of the people who supposedly follow my blog never, ever comment.
4. Never, ever look at your blog stats. Ever. (But it's like a train wreck - I can't help but look on occasion.)
5. My mom drove down to Camas with us last Sunday, as I like to have company when I drive (it's the whole seizure disorder thing...) We took her to the train station Wednesday so she could head home, back up to Seattle. And even at 38 I still get a little teary-eyed and lonely when my parents leave after visiting.
6. I took the above photo weeks ago, as the sun was setting. That's our crazy, palm tree-like plant that sits by the window. It was an experiment in capturing lovely evening sunshine.
7. I've become a little obsessed with trying to capture sunlight in just the right way. I know what I want it to look like in my head. Just trying to capture it on "film" now.
8. I'm currently reading three books: The Hunger Games, The Wonder of Boys and The Ghost in the House.
Go on and click on the link to that last one. It's a subject that I am all too familiar with, and it's an interesting book so far. It will get it's very own blog post when I've finished and have composed my thoughts on the matter.
9. I feel bad and sad for my poor, cancer-ridden dog. And as a first time dog owner I wonder, how do you know when it's time? (I know if my husband is reading this post he will say, "What ARE you talking about??" Maggie really is his dog.) I just wonder if she is still enjoying her life, you know? Chemo every month, trip to the vet for blood work and some poking and prodding every  month, prednisone every day, constantly thirsty and hungry from said prednisone, constantly having to pee. Sometimes at night after everyone has gone to bed and it's just Mags and me on the couch, I look at her and give her some love pats and just feel sad for her. (I'm a sentimental fool. I'm getting teary-eyed just writing this.)
10. I LOVE my blogging friends! You are all so kind. And I've really enjoyed emailing with a few of you!

Happy Friday, friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

I'm a fairly new follower, but I love your blog! And that picture is gorgeous! Such lovely light!!
I'm really curious about the Hunger Games. Everyone is raving about them, but when I read the description. . . it doesn't seem like my kind of book. How are you liking it?
Thanks for a little nudge in the comment department. Other than my family blog, I'm fairly new to this world and don't have the etiquette down quite yet, but seriously I am ALWAYS inspired by your photos. I suppose you can't read my mind, though;).

Stacey said...

Love this photo, Andrea.

I too am often perplexed at non-commenting followers. Oh well. I just remind myself why I'm blogging in the first place and it's not for the comments. Although they are nice. :-)

Yay for your new obsession with capturing sunlight! You are doing a wonderful job!

How do you like The Hunger Games??????

And I'm so sorry about Maggie. :-( (((hugs)))

Have a super weekend!

Casey Martinez said...

I miss those bloggers who have dropped off too but, I think now I understand a little. As my blog readers have grown, my time to visit the hundreds of blogs has shrunk down to like a half an hour ever couple of days so now I hardly ever get to visit anyone and it stinks! I kinda miss the simplicity of not having to think about all that and just visiting people when I wanted to! Sorry to hear about your doggie. That must be tough for her and for you! Gorgeous sun shot!!

Kristin said...

I love your blog and you take the most beautiful pictures! that is such a great shot of your plant! i could not tell that was taken inside and the catch light is amazing!! And I am glad that i am not the only one who starts planning for halloween now! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I'm thinking about fall, too! I love fall, and we have a BIG change coming this fall, so I can't help but think about it.
I've noticed a big drop off in comments as well. I think that's just how blogging goes these days. I admit to not commenting as much on blogs as I used to, so I guess I should expect it.
P.S. I love randomness!!

Meagan said...

Wow - you did have a lot of thoughts going on in your head. First of all - Fall. I've never been so ready for crisp cool air and football! :) But we still have soooo much longer to go.

I wonder about those silent followers too, but maybe they just don't ever have anything to add??

My mom will come stay with us for a week or so after this new baby gets here. She hasn't even come yet and I'm dreading her leaving. I cried when she left after Andrew was born. Hormones - they're a little crazy!

P.S. I know a lot of people don't like to comment if word verification is turned on. Maybe that's part of it? Just a thought. It doesn't really bother me.

Marvett Smith said...

Love this image! Great flare! I don't get lots of comments on my blog either. I'm not sure what makes people make the choice of whether to comment or not. Don't ever doubt your images. They are wonderful!!! Sorry to hear about your dog. It's sad when our pets hurt. They are part of our families too! Hang in there!

Shawntae said...

I am so looking forward to Fall too! And Halloween! And as another person said Football!! I'm actually excited about the coming up season because I'll be joining my boyfriend and his buddies at Fantasy Football! I figure if I'm going to watch 9 hours of it every Sunday I may as well be involved in it.:)

I don't know how I would be flying..but I know if I have to get on the interstate with my kid I get sweaty palms and sick to my stomach. I can't imagine the wreck I would be on an airplane.

Your pictures are beautiful and I love your blog. Stay the heck away from those stats!;)

Amanda said...

Totally random responses:
1. I, too, love fall. My favorite season. However, Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I'm enjoying it more now that I have kids but I hate costumes and dressing up. Weird??
2. I have a major fear of flying. More so now that I have kids. Need medication to fly. Crazy??
3. I know, right? I don't have many followers but I do wonder how they find me and what they see/saw that made them want to follow me in the first place. Creepy??
4. Never looked at my stats before...I think I will heed your advice and not do that. Thanks!
8. Hunger Games series- LOVED! Can't wait for the movie. This trilogy had me thinking for a long, long time.
9. Poor Mags. That's so hard.
10. Love chatting with you too - love the inspiration and common bonds that we share/have formed as a result of this crazy hobby. ;)
Hope you are having a good Monday!

Tracey said...

A, thanks for the comment love. I will miss Pen and View too, but just follow me on my new site! I'm just changing venues that's all!

Tracey said...

oh, and btw...Hunger fave!

Christina said...

i love the love you feel toward your mother ; )

how is the "hunger games"? it sounds so good. i have never look at my stats, but that number of followers thing, that has got to go. lol!

praying for your doggie.