Sunday, July 24, 2011

it's like you never left.

Mt. Rainier
(Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams in the background) 

It's amazing what some time away from life-as-you-know-it can do for you. I had ten days away from cleaning and cooking and laundry and arguing and entertaining and nagging. And I had ten days with wonderful friends and family and good conversations and time to read and shop and think and feel some peace in my life. Much needed time to think and feel peace and quiet. Much needed time away. 'Cause while it may look like this momma/wife has it all together, I so don't.


I have a ton of photos to go through and delete a bunch and edit a few and post a few.
I have a ton of words and blog posts running circles in my head.
I have a house that needs a thorough cleaning after being gone for ten days.
And laundry and ironing.
And a grocery list to write.
And meals to plan.
Funny how all you leave behind on vacation waits patiently for our return.

And just like that, it's like you never left.


Shawntae said...

Aww, I've miss you and the blogging world as well.:) I have hundreds of posts in google reader backed up and each time I start to tackle it, something needs done or I get distracted... or I get to into my scrabble games on facebook! haha! I guess I'll have to "Mark as Read" and start again because I am missing the inspiration I gain from you all.

Gorgeous photos too, btw! Can't wait to see the others!

{Amy} said...

oh man, some time away sounds wonderful!!! gorgeous pictures.

Meagan said...

I love going on vacation, but I hate that feeling of overwhelmed as soon as you get home. Good luck getting it done! I'm sure your trip was absolutely worth it and I can't wait to see your pics. These cell shots are just beautiful!