Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my boys. {or should i say, my men?...}

the boys

These two guys are a crack-up.
They both have the greatest laughs. I love it when my husband goes into silent laugh mode and his face turns red. Doesn't happen a lot, but that's what makes it priceless.
And that little guy dangling upside down...he's had the same silly chuckle since he was just a few months old. I'll have to dig-out the video of one of his first great laughs and post it...(hmmm, I wonder where it is.)
These two have a lot of energy. Like a million times more energy than I. They run around and are always busy with some project or playing and they don't sit still very much.
They drive me crazy some days. Yes, both of them.
These two have a lot of fun together...being silly outside, going bowling, to the park, playing Wii.
These two also battle a little bit sometimes. I mean, really, don't we all battle with loved ones sometimes. I know everyday I have to remind myself, "Pick your battles." Some just aren't worth fighting.

These two...
These two silly guys who crack me up on a regular basis...
They are priceless.

{The sun was really low in the sky and I kind of love how it lit-up all the little particles in the air. And notice how that little guy still has hold of his beloved blanket?}
{Also, one of the very few photos I've edited in Elements. :)}


Anonymous said...

This is so adorable. I love the black and white edit.

Naomi said...

so cute! gotta love those boys! :)

Meisg said...


Life with Kaishon said...

What a very, very beautiful picture. I love it!

rach. said...

oh my goodness. so cute!

love, rach.

Kristin said...

i just love this capture! such a fun and sweet moment!! you got to love boys!! ;)