Friday, September 9, 2011

phone photo friday.

1. The road back from Starbucks. 2. Popsicle man. 3. Sun setting.
4. Swings & Sunset. 5. My snack. 6. The Mighty Columbia & Mt. Hood
7. Wall-E. Best kids movie, ever! I think we've watched it about 45 times this week.
8. Zonked! 9. IVF. Need I say more? As of this moment 
I've given myself 31 injections. (Very thankful for the layer of fat on my gut right about now.)

I have iPhone envy. There. I said it. My HTC Droid is nice, but it doesn't have apps like Instagram. I mean look at these cool photos and these and these and these. See what I mean. Kinda makes you wish you had an iPhone, am I right? My Vignette and Little Photo apps are nice, but no Instagram. Sigh...

Our week was fairly uneventful. It's been HOT here. As in summer finally decided to show herself. As in 90+ all week. Yuck. I'm a hot weather wimp. And my body and mind had accepted the fact that we'd just from spring to fall, so this weather is a bit of an attack on my system. Thank goodness for air conditioning. And at least the nights are a bit longer now so we cool off nicely at night.

I haven't picked-up my camera much the past month. Not sure why. Busy with other things and have other things on my mind. I just need to pick it up and start shooting though. Get back into the swing of things.
Well, isn't this post exciting? Aren't you glad you spent five minutes reading it? Hahaha... My mind is blank, so I'll just stop right here and say, Happy Friday, Friends! Enjoy your weekend!
And all of you Instagram-ers - take lots of cool photos for me! :)


Shawntae said...

I just got the iphone last week and I LOVE it. It's the most user friendly phone I've ever used, ever!

I do love you pics above though, and actually thought they were taken with an iphone.:)

urban muser said...

iPhone or not, i love your phone photos. great shots!

Anonymous said...

I'm a hot weather wimp, too. It's been SCORCHING hot here for the past week or two and I'm not really loving it.

p.s. I LOVE the movie Wall-E.

Stacey said...

I really really love the swing pic. And I love Wall-E. We were on a stretch of watching it nearly every day a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the shout-out, friend. Some day you'll get an iPhone. Most people cave at some point! ;-)

Tracey said...

I melt in hot weather too. Go completely lifeless and useless. Air conditioning saves me!
Before I got my iphone handmedown a few months ago I had a cheap CHEAP cell phone that dialed phone numbers and sort of texted. So I can feel your pain in seeing all of these cool phone apps. I love these photos you took though. Is that road one the same one I liked on Flickr? That is my favorite one!

anni said...

great photography

Marvett Smith said...

Wish I had an iPhone! Love all your pics!