Monday, March 5, 2012

the light: his room.

the light: his room

Back in January I told you all about my goal of working on finding the light. And I'm happy to say that I've been working on it when the sun comes out, and illuminates places in our home. Like Max's room. It faces east and glows with light in the morning (on the days when the sun actually shines around here.)

the light: his room b/w

Are these edits perfect? Probably not. Some might say they are too bright and overexposed-looking. When I look at the color photo all I see is the chromatic aberration on the edges of the rocking chair and nightstand (thus the black and white edit.) But even though I look at these and question my editing, I still love them. It's his room as a five year old. A moment frozen in time. It's blue, full of stuffed animals, his Lego calendar, "wind" (white noise) machine, cute little animal drawer pulls, a brightly colored quilt that his great-aunt so lovingly made for him. I initially was drawn to his room when I went to pick out some clothes for him, and then I noticed the light. But as I sat there in his blue, little boy room I realized I was doing more than trying to capture the light. I was trying to capture the essence of this moment in his life. His cute little room. It won't always look so cute. Some day there will be piles of clothes on the floor, and the light blue walls will be painted over, and the cute animal drawer pulls will be replaced by something less child-like. The stuffed animals will be stored or given away. The quilt will take-up residence in my bedroom as my daily reminder of the days when he was little. And this room will become his retreat; a place where he will work on becoming the man he will someday be.
But the Light?...It will always be there, shining brightly. And I hope he always notices that Light.


liza said...

It is a very sweet room and both edits set the mood very well. Great job!

{Amy} said...

i love it. sun coming through the windows in my house ar eon of my most favorite things! which just goes to show you that it is not a daily thing or i wouldn't be as thrilled by it : )

Shawntae said...

Simply beautiful. I love both versions. The light is lovely and the room is adorable.

stacey said...

I love these, Andrea! I actually prefer the color one, so vibrant and beautifully backlit!

Monica said...

it all depends upon what YOU want to do with an image.

there is such a thing as a technically perfect photo, but that is one area of photography.
more photographers put there are looking for a vibe, a story, a sensation, an idea, a concept, an essence, a magic.

and as far as i know, the scope has always been very wide.

i like the combo of brilliant light and the 'kid' colours.

Amanda Kelley said...

These turned out great!!! I see you were right you captured your light! I also love the stack of stuffed animals :)