Tuesday, March 20, 2012

random monday (a day late.)

78/366 #fromwhereistand post 5k

I'm back with a random Monday post (ok, I know it's Tuesday, but just go with it...). I know you missed them ;) I pretty much stopped my random Monday posts when Maggie died. Many of you know I usually had my Maggie Monday posts every week. I'm considering doing a Sammy Sunday series, but we'll see.
So, on to my randomness:
1. Total mommy moment - Getting the call from preschool to come pick-up Max early because he tripped and bumped his nose. Then getting to preschool, seeing him sitting quietly with the preschool director in her office, and then watching him cry the minute he sees me. And then trying to hold it together while I comfort him. He is ok, but will likely have has a black eye. Boo.
2. Proud moment - I was on a total high Sunday after I completed my first 5k where I actually ran the entire race. I've done the Portland Shamrock run four times now and a few other 5ks, and this was the first time I didn't have to walk part of it. So happy. (Photo above is post-Shamrock race.) My husband suggested it had something to do with my cool, new running kicks.
3. His moment - After a slow, sore start to my Monday I was fully prepared to go get a latte (which I gave up for Lent). I said to myself, "I really need a latte today." And then I said to myself, "No, what I really need is Him."
4. Funny moment - My legs were really sore yesterday, but not nearly as sore as my jaw because I chewed gum while I was running yesterday. Note to self - don't chew gum during a race again.
5. Delicious moment - I had the most wonderful latte Sunday after my run. (I'm the "fast Monday through Saturday, feast on Sundays" Lent observer.) A delicious decaf, triple grande (I never get a grande), vanilla latte with whipped cream.
6. Awkward moment - sitting through the lonngg line to get out of the parking garage after my run, and when I got to the front to pay they didn't take Discover and I didn't have cash. Then I became that girl who holds up the lonngg line while the parking attendant writes up a ticket so I can send in my payment. At least the parking garage attendant was nice. I told him, "They're all hating me right about now." And he said, "Yeah, so what." He didn't chastise me, or tell me I was holding up the line and the drivers behind me would be mad. He just said, "So what." I need to learn to say "So what" more often. I spend far too much time worrying what people think of me.
7. Feed the soul moment - Listening to our Bible study leader give a great talk about forgiveness on Sunday. If I could paraphrase it and do it any justice I would. But I can't.
8. Unbelievable moment (though it shouldn't have been) - I heard two Adele songs back to back on the same radio station. I kid you not, friends - Rumor Has It followed by Someone Like You. I love Adele, but she is over-played (as is Bruno Mars...does anybody else turn the station when his songs come on? Or it just me?)
9. Unbelievably happy moment - My dad gave me his Nikon D700 this weekend. Well, a permanent loan. If I ever don't want it (that'd be crazy, right?) he wants it back. He knows I love photography, he believes in his heart of hearts that I am really good, and he knows I am feeling the limitations of my D70s. (He has three Nikons, and he can't use them all at the same time, right? :-) ) Let me say, I was in love with the 700 after I took just a couple of photos. It actually takes photos of what my eyes see, how my eyes see it. The white balance isn't wonky, and it's so much faster and sharper than the D70s. I'm in love. And I am beyond thankful of my dad's gift. Not just of his camera, but more importantly of his support and belief in my talents. Thanks, dad.
10. Crazy weather moment - We woke-up to snow Monday morning. It wasn't sticking much, but still so disappointing. We've had snow one day of the week for the past three weeks. I'm ready for spring and summer.
11. Family moment - Celebrating my mom's birthday on Thursday. I made one of her favorite meals - mac and cheese - and I even made a cake with yummy chocolate butter cream frosting. SO good. It was a fun evening with my family.
12. Fattening moment - I made cupcakes last night because I had left-over yummy frosting. Can't let that frosting go to waste. Even if it all goes to my waist.

Hope you all have a super week, friends. Mine will be spent trying to keep the peace between Max and Sammy, and trying to maintain my sanity while my husband is working in Seattle. All prayers are welcome. He's going to be up there most of the week for the next, well, who knows how long...We will miss him.


LIza said...

Lucky Girl!!!!! Congrats on all those amazing things...and the sweet mommy moment is just precious. I love how they are so brave for others and totally fall apart when they see mom. So sweet!!

Marvett Smith said...

I love all of your moments, and you will definitely be in my prayers friend!

JennD said...

Congrats on the run. And I loved your Him moment.

stacey said...

Way to go with the race!!!!

And that is SO GREAT that your dad GAVE you his D700!!! What a wonderful gift. And like you said, not just his camera, but that he believes in you and is encouraging your talent. I am so excited for you (because I KNOW how much I love MY D700!!).

Will be praying for you. Darin was gone all of last week and weekend so I feel ya!

Michelle said...

Isn't the "Feast-Fast" cycle wonderful? I love it! I feel like for the thoughtful reflection and self denial that happens for the feast that getting to have a feast day and celebrate ALL we have in Him is amazing.

And chewing gum while running? RISKY!! ;)

Congrats on the new camera!! :D

Carla said...

So exciting about the 5K!! Congratulations. Super exciting about the camera too -- that's great! Bummer about the black eye. I think it's a right of passage though. :) I think we should all say "so what" sometimes. Frosting should never go to waste. :)

Naomi said...

Love your random moments!! Congrats on the 5k!! My
Hubby really wants me to do one with him but umm one problem....i havent gone running in like 10 years. Ha. Yay for a new camera and cupcakes. Hope max's eye is getting better!

Amanda said...

I have missed the Random posts. They are some of my favorites b/c I really get a glimpse into you and your "real" life, if that makes sense.
So, SO, SOOOO jealous that you have a new-to-you D700. The price has dropped since the new D800 came out and I'm so tempted but I've only had my D300s for about a year and I really don't "need" a full frame. I look forward to seeing your latest shots with it. Fun!
My hubby is leaving today for 8 days so I feel ya - give me a virtual shout if you need a supportive ear! :)

Tracey said...

How does one chew gum when running?!?!??! You are multi talented!
How wonderful that your dad gave you the camera!
YES....Adele is overplayed...so much so that I'm beginning to not enjoy her.

Heather M. said...

totally loved this peek into your life, andrea. :)