Monday, March 12, 2012

my latest addiction.

waiting to be eaten.

Friday afternoon I sat down to read through my friends' Linked blog posts. I grab some water and a bag of my latest addiction (which I'm eating right now...): Mini Cookies from The Fortune Cookie Factory in San Fransisco. I found them at Cost Plus and I'm oh-so-tempted to buy an entire box of these babies. Yes, I love them that much.


So since I had my camera sitting there next to me, I decided to take pictures of my latest carb love. The beauty of these cookies is that there is no paper to dig out before popping them in my mouth. Sure the fortunes are fun, but I prefer the ease with which these can be consumed.


See that one in the middle? It's bigger and thinner than the others. Those are my favorite - the really thin ones. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat them all. But I first dig through the bag for the large, thin cookies.

If you find them you've got to try a bag. You'll be addicted.
I'm off to buy a few more bags (or maybe an entire box) of these bad boys today.


Amanda said...

I love this. And I love the crumbs on your laptop. ;) Quick - destroy the evidence! haha!

Tracey said...

hmmm...will have to try!

Kristin said...

these sound pretty amazing and i have never heard of them before! must keep a lookout for them!! awesome shots!! :)

stacey said...

Yum! Might have to try these!!