Tuesday, April 26, 2011


oh my
Oh my! It was 71 degrees on Saturday. Perfect weather for a BBQ! And what good is a BBQ if you don't make smores after dinner?


no hands
My parents came to town Saturday afternoon, after a pit-stop at my brother's house on Friday. Max went to sports class, I washed my little red Honda, we played outside, husband BBQ'd, we ate far too many marshmallows and smores. Heck, we even toasted some Peeps, but they weren't that good.

Max thoroughly enjoyed every bite.
And I thoroughly enjoyed the warm, sunny weather. It was blissful while it lasted - we are back to rain, hail, wind, and cooler temps.


Stacey said...

Envious of your 71 degree day! And the smores!!

Kristin said...

oh what a wonderful day! those s'mores look so yummy!!

Wendy said...

sounds like an awesome day! love your clean processing on these shots, too.

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty wonderful!