Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sad boy.

sad boy

He sat on the couch with his blanket and new, favorite dinosaur stuffed animal (whose long, Max-given name I cannot pronounce), watching Glee Encore.
About an hour before he fell backward off that couch, whacking the back of his head on the window sill. I didn't see it happen. I was in the room, occupied with my coffee when I heard the thud. I looked up and saw the light behind the couch moving around a bit. A little voice said, "I'm ok. I'm ok." He says this sometimes when he falls down - that should have been my clue. But I started in with my "mom" voice, "Max, get up. Let's not play behind the couch." His faced poked-up and there were tears. I went over to him as he felt the back of his head. And that's when I saw the gash. Bright red blood in his fine hair. I picked him up, handed him to my dad and grabbed a cold wash cloth for his head. I then ran upstairs to ask my mom to hurry and come look, while I grabbed some hydrogen peroxide.
A few thoughts raced through my head - should I call my mother-in-law (a nurse of 35+ years)? Should I call the doctor? Will the bleeding stop soon? Will he need stitches? How do I put a band-aid on his head with all that hair? (I know, I know - but that thought actually did cross my mind.) And at the same time I felt awful that my first mental reaction was, there he is again doing something he shouldn't do... I didn't think he might be hurt. I didn't actually see it happen.
I felt bad...and I hoped my immediate lack of concern didn't add to his tears and his pain.
There is nothing I want more in my life as a mother than for my child to feel completely accepted by me, his mom. Spills off the back of the couch and all.
My love is unconditional.


Lisa McCully said...

Poor punkin! (I have to confess I have done the same :( but I think it's because they really are doing something they're not supposed to do 90% of the time.) The important thing is that when you recognized you acted, he knows you love him :) In fact I would be willing to bet that in 20 years from now he'll be saying Mom, remember the time I was ......fill in the blank.....and I cut my head. I hope is doing well now.
Sorry my visits are limited, between the job and all the projects I have going I hardly have time to do the fun stuff anymore. I enjoy all my visits though :)
You asked about my processing, this year has been my jump in and learn year. I use elements, MCP actions, Florabella actions and textures from Kim Klaussen. I read I heart faces for all their suggestions too.

Lisa McCully said...

PS: Love the header photo!! Adorable!!

Meisg said...

I cracked my head open a bunch of times when I was growing up, didn't seem to affect me.

Marvett Smith said...

Poor little man! I hate when they get hurt. Good thing he has such wonderful parents who love him so much!

Wendy said...

oh no! it must be something about the name, as my Max split his forehead open a couple months ago, too. i always knew he'd be the one to send us to the ER...

hope your little guy is doing better. and if it makes you feel any better, my husband broke his leg playing pickle as a kid and his mom didn't believe his leg was broken until the next morning when he was still in pain. so he didn't go to the hospital until almost 12 hours after he broke it!! she feels totally guilty to this day, yet my husband finds it hilarious and loves to tell the story :)