Wednesday, June 29, 2011

38 on the 28th.

I had a great birthday yesterday! The day was SO much better than the day before. Max even went to his swim lesson without any fuss. I asked him if he'd go to his lesson for me; if he'd do that for me as my birthday gift. And the little wise guy said, "It's not your birthday present. I'll just go." Smiles. I enjoyed coffee and a mani/pedi with a good friend while Max was at Vacation Bible School. It was a fun time.
This was the year of the camera related gifts, as I received a fun new camera strap cover, a polarizing filter, a new battery (I was in need of a back-up!), and a small travel charger. All just perfect for my trip to Denver in a few weeks. Max and I had pizza for dinner. This momma was not about to cook on her birthday! And my husband even surprised me with a small chocolate cheesecake. Oh, so very rich, but yummy!
Tonight I'm headed to the Alison Krauss concert with a friend. It was supposed to be a couples night, but her husband had last-minute work travel, and my husband just offered to stay home and save us the babysitter money. (Plus, while he would go with, I'm not sure folk music is his favorite.) At this point I'm just praying it doesn't rain!
Update on Mr. & Mrs. Robin: There are now three eggs in the nest! She laid one egg a day for three days in a row. I told my husband I though it was quite brazen of that Mrs. Robin to go laying that many eggs right there in front of me when I can't even produce one good, mature egg of my own! :) He thinks it's good sign and will bring us some baby luck. We shall see. (Hope it doesn't mean I'll have triplets.)
I think I will always miss having my mom cook my favorite meal and bake a cake for my birthday. I guess that's the kid in me that keeps me young at heart. It is very much a tradition I would like to continue for my family. Birthdays are special days. They come just once a year. I hope Max will always feel like his day was all about him and his parents smothering him with extra love on that day. I hope he will feel as completely, utterly and unconditionally loved as my parents make me feel.
And thanks to you kind souls out there who sent me birthday wishes! It was so very sweet of you. Thirty-eight is pretty good so far.
Post Edit - My drivers license photo - hideous! Just awful. I may be getting my photo retaken in a few months. (Ok, this is actually post edit #2. I had to correct a grammatical error.)


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday a day late!! I meant to pop by yesterday but got busy at work and never had a chance. It sounds like you had a fantastic day!


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh gosh - I missed it. Happy Birthday.

Meagan said...

Happy birthday a few days late. I'm glad you had a great day. I think it's wonderful that you felt so special on your day. :)