Friday, June 24, 2011


Last Sunday afternoon I noticed a Robin had started building a nest on a planter on the deck off of our bedroom. I watched for awhile as Mr. Robin flew back and forth, gathering grass and debris for his nest. I went about my day and check on the progress every time I was in our room. It was really quite remarkable to see this little engineer's work. As I told my husband, "He's built a nice little place for his lady bird to have babies." The nest sat empty for a day and I wondered if it was really going to be used or not. My husband's reasoning - the bird was out looking for a chick (pun intended) now that he had a nice nest built. I mean really, what self-respecting guy is going to try to find a chick without first building a really great home to show-off to her, right? (Good thinking husband. Good thinking.)

On Tuesday morning I noticed Mrs. Robin (I'm assuming it was the Mrs.) chilling in her nest, all fluffed-up. I went about my morning and later, when she was gone, I took a peek and found one lovely, little egg. The perfect shade of Tiffany blue. I'm excited to watch this little family life unfold right before our eyes. I think it will be a great experience for Max to see how birds go about creating their family. I will keep you updated on Mr. & Mrs. Robin's little family as it progresses.
Happy weekend! (I just couldn't wait till Monday to post this one...)


Ashley Sisk said...

Now you get to wait until that little egg hatches. How sweet!

Tracey said...

A, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love nests and little birds. This is amazing and I am so very delighted you are capturing this. That little blue egg is so precious!
I am not a big nic-nac person but I do collect little birds. I have a small nest on my mantle that my dad found for me in his garden that had blown out of a tree.
Such a reminderbto me that God is in the details of every part of life.
Have a happy bday on Tues! Wishing you an early bday as I will be on a mini trip with my Bean and my mom.
June babies rock!

Marvett Smith said...

That is one perfect nest! We had one in our backyard too. It's so fun to watch them hatch and thrive. Can't wait to see the progress!

Stacey said...

I love everything about this. And how wonderful for you and your son to watch!!

deb duty said...

Robin's make the prettiest nests and have the most beautiful eggs! This is going to be so fun to watch! I look forward to lots of pics!

Frugal in the Burbs said...

I absolutely love these pictures!! Beautiful! What a great experience for the little man!