Monday, June 13, 2011

a break.

Seattle was fun. I shopped, ate at a couple of favorite restaurants, had a few tasty margaritas and a couple of delicious cupcakes.
It was a great two days off from mom duty.
But by the time my friend and I arrived in Seattle Friday night, dropped Max off with Omi and Opa, and arrived at my parent's house (about four hours later) my husband called with good news and bad news. The good news was that he wasn't going rafting the weekend before my birthday, so I wouldn't have to find a sitter if I wanted to go out with friends. The bad news - he wasn't going because he broke his collar bone.
And not only did he break it, he broke it in two places.
I feel really awful for him. He had big plans this summer - running the very first (and his very first) Vancouver Marathon (on Father's Day), riding the STP with his dad, doing the things he enjoys doing in the summer.
His plans did not include surgery, or not being able to pick-up his son or play with him.
Having an immobilized arm is not easy. I've been there. It was just three years ago that I had a fractured shoulder-blade and I was that person who couldn't hold or pick-up her 16 month old for two months.
So after a long drive home, and an afternoon and evening with a very, very whiny boy who told me I was a "blockhead" (too much time watching Charlie Brown), and told me he didn't like me anymore (I know, I know...don't take it personally, but it still hurts a teeny bit) I have decided to take a break.
Just for a week or maybe two. I'll still be reading all of your wonderful blogs and drooling over your gorgeous photos. And I may even find some time to pick-up my camera and learn a little Elements. We'll see...
(P.S. - Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about those super cute mustache photos. They are still tops on my editing list. It'll be worth the wait. I promise.)


Casey Martinez said...

ouch ouch ouch!! So sorry for that break. I have heard that it hurts like crazy to break a collar bone!! Hope he heals up fast!

Tracey said...

I lived with a frozen shoulder and surgery and PT for two years. TOTALLY can relate to the immobile thing. Not fun. :(
Sometimes life has a way of pushing us towards putting everything on hold. :) Praying that you will find some rest and refocus during your little time off!