Monday, June 20, 2011

mustache max.

I know you all have been eagerly awaiting my mustache photos, right? (I know you all missed me so much last week. Or maybe you didn't even notice! LOL.)
Picture 263fd

Picture 259fd

Picture 258fd

Picture 265fd

And there you have it! I took these before my trip to Seattle. Max actually sat still for me (well, ok, I told him he had to let me take photos if he wanted to play with the band-aids.) I processed in Picnik. Didn't have much time to play around with Elements last week.
The weekend was long, but ok. Max was having a bad day of sorts on Saturday and I'm sure I wasn't the greatest mom that day. Got a few stares at Safeway when Max wouldn't stay with me and I grabbed him, scolded him in the store, and promptly left with him under my arm. Yea...not my finest moment. Funny thing is that I always gave "those" moms the stink eye for scolding in public before I had a child. And now I get it. In that moment I was in my own little world dealing with my child. And I didn't care one iota about the stares (well, I noticed them, but didn't care till later. We live in a small town and the likelihood of running into someone you know at the store is quite high.) It's been a difficult few weeks with Max. He's been testing his boundaries and independence, and thus my patience. I always thought I was a fairly patient person until I had a child. Not so patient after-all. It's the one thing I really need to work on. And work on a lot harder.

On another note - I think I picked-up my camera three times in the past week. I just wasn't feeling inspired. It's so hard for me to see the everyday with new eyes. I don't have the most creative mind in the world, so I tend to look at things around me and think, "That would be a boring photo." And so I don't take photos. And then there is my lack of models. Sigh... Max doesn't really like me to take his picture these days. Oh, and the golden hour light! There were a few days late last week that were just gorgeous! But alas, I was getting Max ready for bed. And who knows if he would have sit still for me to experiment with that golden light. It is so softly, beautiful though.

The husband is doing ok. He is back to work after three days off plus the weekend. He had surgery Wednesday and now has a titanium plate and some screws in his left collar bone. He would like to be called Titanium Man now, just so you know. No matter what the circumstances he always knows how to make things funny. I think he had a nice Fathers Day despite his set-back. I know he really would have liked to have run the Vancouver Marathon, but there is always next year (and he can run the Portland Marathon in October!)

Look at me rambling again...
Well, happy Monday, friends! I do plan to play around with the above photos in Elements. So don't be surprised if you see them again.


Ashley Sisk said...

Those photos are really cute - I know how you feel about the camera. I go through weeks like that and then I have to make up stuff. You'll come around!

Anonymous said...

very cute photos! so you added the mustaches in a photoshop? great idea!

I hear ya on the patient thing...I so have no patience and my little dude is such a runner these days. While shoe shopping at Fred Meyer, I lost him! He totally took off on me (while I was trying on shoes for myself no less :/ )

Hope you have a better week!

Amanda said...

I DID miss you...and I was eagerly awaiting these funny photos. :)
I love #2 and your processing...nice job!
Glad to hear your hubby is on the road to recovery...ouch!!

Marvett Smith said...

Max is so darn cute! I do the same thing with my camera. Hang in there!

Andrea said...

ashinbleu - They're mustache bandaids. :-)
Amanda - thank you!!
Thanks for all the sweet comments. :-)