Friday, June 24, 2011


Is it Friday already? with only one week left in June? I kind of feel like it's still spring since our weather is still very spring-like. Still waiting for a few HOT days of sun. Perhaps July and August will make-up for our cool and dreary June. One can hope.
I've been able to spend a little time playing around in Elements this week (after Max is all tucked-in bed, of course.) It's been fun. As you can see, I made a new header. Finally figured out how to use the fonts I like, instead of the limited fonts that Blogger provides. I love those ah-ha moments when you figure something out that's been boggling your mind forever!
I bought the above blueberries for the sole purpose of putting them in that little bowl and taking their picture. (Shhh...don't tell my husband.) And after I was done taking their photo I devoured them! I did a little processing in Elements. Not too much though. I'd like to be able to get my photography to a place where I don't need to do too much correction in Elements (not that I really know how to do much in Elements at this point.) And you will likely notice the different watermark. I'm not sure I like it...I'll probably be experimenting with different designs for awhile. I do know I want something simple though.
We've had a good week. Max finished swim lessons and is all signed-up for summer lessons which start next week. And I'm sooo looking forward to Vacation Bible School next week! YAY! Mini preschool in the summer, if only for a week. And the bonus is that it falls the week of my birthday, so this momma will really be enjoying those three hours of freedom next Tuesday!
Not much else exciting to report this week.
Thank you for all the nice comments about the Max mustache photos. I was quite happy with that series - technically and just because I got my little guy to sit still and pose for me for a bit. (I keep thinking if I had a girl she'd likely pose for me all the time and I could get her all dressed-up in cute outfits...but maybe not...)
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Happy Friday, friends!


Stacey said...

Love these simple little blueberries, Andrea.

Have fun playing with Elements!!

Meagan said...

These blueberries are perfect. I really like your composition.