Friday, December 23, 2011

the performer.

Last Tuesday was Max's Christmas Program at his preschool. It was his big day. This guy loves to sing. He goes through phases where he sings constantly. It sometimes drives me a little crazy, but then I realize that I usually have a song on repeat in my head all day long as well. Max just belts it out. I had heard him practicing his songs for a few weeks. It was super cute.

the performer.

His class sang, I'm Going to Wrap Up Myself for Christmas and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

happy guy.

I took a ton of photos with my little 50mm lens and in most of them you can barely see Max up there.
But I got a few good shots as they came walking in to the church.
It made me so completely, utterly happy to see him so happy.
It's truly amazing the amount of joy this little guy creates in my heart.

"I'm gonna wrap up myself for Christmas
And tie me with a big red bow.
That's what I'm giving to Jesus.
It's a present He'll like I know." 

(The lyrics to this song reminded me of the post I wrote the other day.)


Marvett Smith said...

Max is so sweet! I love that you caught these images of him singing. His smile fills up his whole face. These are the moments to remember forever! :)

P.S.- I LOVE the bangs!!!

georgia b. said...

super sweet. perfect lyrics to go with this post. that second shot is a big-time keeper!

Jessica said...

I love those moments when your heart fills up and all you can do is smile at the wonder and beauty of your children. So sweet and wonderful.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Aw...what a cutie!