Wednesday, December 14, 2011

winter sun.

winter sun.

Looks can be deceiving. Doesn't that sun look warm and inviting? It was anything but that. It was a crystal clear, blue sky day, but it was oh so very cold. I did not set-out to photograph leaves this day. I had bribed my son into a little photo shoot outdoors (photo to come...) Afterwards he ran around in the sun, on our driveway. All boy. I sat down to soak-up what I could find of the warmth, only to find the pavement ice cold. And this lone leaf caught my eye. Beautiful color, lovely shadow. It was almost as if it had joined me there, on the cold pavement, trying to stay warm. I almost deleted that first shot, but something about the soft blur of the leaf and it's golden hue set against the sharp backdrop of that cold pavement spoke perfectly of what it felt like to sit there in the cold, winter sun.

lonely leaf.

You are the one that drew me here
Now that I've come, I find I am no nearer to you
Led by the light so dim, you didn't even penetrate the skin
Oh winter sun

Promising all the answers
Knowing I could be captured with the information
Never to radiate the hidden heart or penetrate the skin
Oh winter sun
You're a promise in the distance, winter sun

If I chase the light to find the heat
Will I feel the earth grow warm beneath my feet
Can I move beyond what you've begun
Oh winter sun

Winter Sun - Out of the Grey


Jessica said...

Mmmmm, that light is so lovely. I love cement bokeh! :) It's funny, I know just what you mean about winter sun, as I come from cold, grey Montana. When the sun comes out, you GO out-- no matter how cold it is. Now that we live in Florida where it is perpetually sunny (not that I'm complaining), I do miss those feelings of desire, joy, and gratitude for the winter sun.

Amanda said...

There is always, always so much more below the surface, isn't there?
Lovely light! I know what you mean about those clear, blue sky days though - here in MN, if you have a clear and sunny winter day is means it's going to be FREEZING! :) Stay warm!

Michelle said...

Magnificent Poem.
Why must the Winter Sun tease like that? Those clear blue sunny winter days are so unbelieivibly cold.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Fabulous light. :) Love those shots.

Kristin said...

that first one is just stunning!! these are such wonderful and absolutely beautiful captures!! love the light!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

First... LOVE THESE.

Second.... I just posted a picture on Instagram yesterday called "winter sun" - LOL! I totally thought I made that up! ha ha!

Beautiful shots!

deb duty said...

Such beautiful light and lovely photos!

georgia b. said...

i noticed this in your new banner. beautiful shots!

and out of the grey?... it's been forever since i heard their music. you've made me want to pull out their cds from the archives and give them a listen. i used to LOVE that group! so fun! thanks!