Friday, December 23, 2011

what to do with all the broken candy canes.

I love the small candy canes that are available this time of year. I need to buy a few boxes to help me make it through the year. A lot of the times a few of them are broken (or in the case of the one box I bought, most of them are broken and Max would only eat the whole ones, but I digress...) So, what to do with all of those broken candy canes? Make peppermint bark! I first made this last year after a neighbor brought some over. And let me say, I just love it. So did my husband and he's not a big chocolate guy.

It's really quite simple to make. You just need really good quality semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint extract, oil, and broken/crushed candy canes.


Melt the chocolate. Add the peppermint. Spread in pan. Toss some candy canes on-top.
Then chill (the chocolate in the pan, though you are welcome to chill as well.)

what you need.

Next you melt the white chocolate. Add the peppermint. Spread on-top of the semi-sweet chocolate.
Toss on more candy canes. And chill some more.

peppermint bark

I didn't read the recipe well enough this time and used a bigger pan than the 9x9 they suggest.
That chocolate was spread pretty thin.


Once it's all chilled, just break it into pieces and enjoy!

candy cane love



Jessica said...

OMG that looks amazing. Might have to try it! Thanks!!

Tracey said...

Have not had any time to check in, or respond to ur comments over the last few days so I come to ur post in the brief moments I have and am met with this! Did u know I make bark every year and this is the first year in ten that I didn't? :(
So i do three layers with mine and make it on the back side of one of my cookie pans covered with foil. Bc I do two layers (top and bottom) the white choc is too expensive! So this year I made those three layer peppermint bars that I pinned on Pinterest....OMG. Sooooooooo good!
Anyway, Merry Christmas A! Have a blessed time with ur boys!

Stacey said...