Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Max got a new (used) bike this past weekend. It does not yet have training wheels, but he wanted to go for a ride anyway. I know it will be awhile before he can ride his bike without training wheels. He will need to learn to balance and to keep-up his momentum to assist with that balance.
I've been struggling with balance lately.
Balancing being a mom, being a wife, being just me.
I spend most of my time being mom and balancing the tasks of everyday life.
I have momentum. Doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, playing with Max, driving around here and there. And all the while I'm doing these things, the "me" (the selfish) part of myself keeps whispering in my ear about all the things that I want to do - read, catch-up on blogs, take photos, edit photos, blog, watch TV shows, try to exercise, lounge around on the couch, go out with friend. I could go on and on...
When my husband comes home, and I am wife again. Trying to have some moments with my husband in the midst of being mom and me. Conversations are short and interrupted by a little person who needs me to switch into mom mode. (I have yet to get used to not being able to have regular, uninterrupted conversations with the other adults in my life while my son is around. But that's another post, for another time.)
Mom, wife, me...it's quite the mix. A constant, internal struggle for balance.

Sometimes I need someone to hold on to me.

And I need to remember that there are people in my life who will help me with that balance, if I just ask.
Someone is always there watching over me.
I may stumble in my attempt to maintain balance in my life.
But I will always get-up and keep going.

Max will start-off with training wheels. But eventually, when he's had enough practice, the training wheels will come off and he will ride.

I'm sending you my compassion for the times you fall down, and my admiration for the times you get up, and my excitement for the times you run. It has probably become clear to you by now that the falling down isn't a shameful thing to be cursed, but rather is an instrumental part of the learning process that is teaching you marvelous secrets about getting back up and running.
~ Robert Hass


Kristin said...

These are such a great captures! What great memories to have!! :)

Marvett Smith said...

Love this post!

amanda said...

Love the perspective that you shot from and the composition on the bike shots. I totally hear ya on the whole balance thing - it's our daily battle as moms/wives/friends/etc, isn't it? I'm not sure it ever gets easier. Looks like you are really getting the hang of PSE - are you using actions or just editing on your own? Love checking in with your blog...keep 'em coming! :)

Wendy said...

balance is so elusive. i feel like the more i try to achieve it, the worst i feel! and i don't know that we, as women, ever stop feeling that pull between all of our different roles. why isn't there a class for that??