Monday, March 7, 2011

maggie monday.

It's Monday. And for me that means it's Maggie Monday.
I'm not fond of Mondays, but I love my Maggie.
And Maggie makes my Mondays a little less Monday-like.
(If that makes ANY sense...)

This is my Maggie Monday photo. I took it while my mom was in town and we were tag-teaming a HUGE pile of ironing. I despise ironing. I put it off and then when I finally get to it the pile is HUGE, and my dread of conquering the pile is just as HUGE. So, we tag-teamed it.
Maggie sat there watching my mom.
Max was playing and would run over to Gma and tell her something and then run back to continue his play.
I think I was on my laptop downloading photos from my trip to Seattle. (And yes, I did do some ironing.)
I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.
I like this one the most.
Max in action - constant motion of a four year old.
Maggie lazing around - constant relaxation of an eleven year old dog.
My husband's shirts, ironed and hanging on a chair.
And even though you can't see her, I know that my mom is in the picture.
It makes me happy on this Monday.

I thought I'd include the original photo, straight out of the camera SOOC:
(It's a little dark. I can't seem to get the settings right for the usually dark light in my house. I need to work on this. I lightened it and applied cross process in I'm sure you've figured out that cross process is my favorite action. Rounded the corners and added my blog name.)

That's it for now.
Happy Monday!

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Tracey said...

Saw you comment on my blog and then popped over to need to rethink your ironing like I've rethunk my laundry. (rethunk?) :)
And, I have been really really wanting a dog. I would love a Maggie.