Friday, March 11, 2011


The week is over.
(How is it Friday already?)
Here's a little (ok, probably long and rambling...) review of my week.

Last Friday we went to an auction to support a local Catholic school. One item up for auction - a birthday party for 8 kids at the local fire station. We bid and won. Max's 5th birthday party - planned! I haven't had a party for him the past two years. I figure I would NOT have a party while I still can. ;-) The poor guy has a January 10th birthday, so it's hard to think of planning and more gifts so soon after Christmas.

Remember how I said I was going to run last weekend? Didn't happen. Didn't want to.
I haven't put on my running shoes since last Thursday. And Sunday is the Shamrock in downtown Portland.
5k here I come...ready or not. (not...)

I was in a funk all week. And now I've had a headache for a day and a half or so. Nothing awful, but just low-grade enough to be annoying. Tylenol, Aleve and Ibuprofen have been my companions the past couple of days. Thank God for pharmaceuticals.

Because of above-mentioned funk, I haven't picked up my camera much at all. So, I don't have any picture to share today.
I'm feeling very uninspired...
SO, I took the leap and signed-up for Tracey Clark's Picture Inspiration!
I'm committed now. (Remember my One Word for the year is cultivate...haven't done very well so far.)
I am behind two weeks so I have my work cut-out for me this weekend.

And if money grew on trees I'd sign-up for Camp Shutter Sisters.
It looks like an amazing good time!...a girl can dream, right?

And last but not least - I got a package in the mail that I'd been waiting for today. YAY!
And I had a good little chuckle when the dog "goosed" the mailman while I was signing for the package.
(That's my girl. It's the little things...tee hee...)

Happy Friday friends!


Tracey said...

I will try and find you on Picture Inspiration! Fun! And way to go on the bday win. I hate planning bday parties so I am deeply envious. Have a good weekend!

Stacey said...

You will do great with your 5K! Is this your first race? Races are so fun, it's amazing the energy you'll have with everyone running around you! I ran my first 5K about a year and a half ago and am thinking of doing a half marathon this fall. And I am NOT a runner! The thought still terrifies me! :-)

andrea said...

Tracey, I think I found you on Picture Inspiration. I have yet to do any of the assignments. ACK! It'll be fun though. :-)I so despise planning parties...that's why he's only had 1st and 2nd bday parties.

Stacey, It's maybe my 7th or 8th race. I did a bunch last year with my husband and a friend. Only 5ks. Wait - my friend and I did attempt a 10k and ended-up walking most of it. Disaster! So, I'm sticking with 5ks. I do love the energy of a large group of people running. It's (dare I say it?) fun. Do you run often? Go for the half!! You can do it! It's a great goal to set. :-) (I was going to send you an email, but didn't see it on your blog.)

Lisa McCully said...

Congrats! on the birthday party win! That's great!!
Ok I need to be filled in on the Picture Inspiration, sounds inspired :)
I hope that the headache has left you by now!! Thanks for the encouraging comment on my photo (I Heart Faces) :)