Thursday, March 3, 2011

my girl.

Today I took Maggie to the vet.
She has lymphoma of the mouth. Poor old lady girl.
She has had three rounds of chemo, and has her platelets and white blood cell levels checked before proceeding with the next round of chemo.
(Again, poor girl...)

Most vet visits I end up taking Max with me, but today my mom was in town to watch Max.
SO - Mags and I had a ride in my little red Honda.
Just us girls.
Kinda like the good old days.
{Except we both have a little bit more gray hair.}

(I took this one with my Droid and processed with Vignette.)

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windrock studio said...

Hey there, I just found your space and saw this beautiful photo. She is a real sweetheart.I'm a huge puppy lover, and wanted to say I wish you both the very best ...
give her huge pets!