Thursday, May 26, 2011


In the distance I see...
in the distance
My future.
In my distance I see: going back to school, watching Max grow and discover more and more of the world around him, watching my husband work hard and develop his talents, watching my parents grow older (which makes me sad).
My distance holds sunrises, sunsets, rain, wind, maybe a little snow, and a few hot breezy summer days.
My distance holds love, kindness, kisses and hugs, glances that speak without words.
In my distance I will learn to embrace who I am - faults and all. I will learn a little bit more everyday that I am worthy; that I am enough.
Looking back, I can see the road I've traveled to get here, and all of the lessons learned along the way. That road and those lessons have shaped me. They have made me who I am today.
a look back

Picture Inspiration week 11 - In the distance.
What's "in the distance" for you?


Mindy M. Harris said...

these words and photos are beautiful/inspiring.i see some of the same things you see.
what are you going to go back to school for? i would do journalism i think!

deb duty said...

beautiful post and oh my goodness what a gorgeous photo. that green grass together with the lovely cloudy sky is just stunning.

Amanda said...

Lovely photos, Andrea. Very cool perspective on #2 and the first one almost doesn't even look really it's so beautiful. Can't wait to watch what unfolds for you, right here on these very pages. :)

Naomi said...

Gorgeous. Love the first photo!

Danielle VanErem said...

Love this!!! I really like the mirror being used!