Tuesday, May 10, 2011

random tuesday...late night edition.

I don't have anything super exciting to say today. I don't even have any photos to share. I think I've only picked-up my camera once in the past week.
Today I helped out in Max's class while the teacher tested students for end-of-the-year evaluations. It was interesting watching the kids play. Girls and boys play oh-so differently. Amazing to observe. And very fun to watch Max in his element.
The end of the preschool year is upon us. I'm not sure why it ends on May 24th when most of the schools around here don't end till near the end of June. But oh well. We will start our summer early - if the weather ever cooperates. Max is signed-up for Vacation Bible School and one summer camp through the city.
Speaking of weather - it actually cleared-up today. Blue sky and sunshine. And at 8:22pm it was still 60 degrees out. Max and I went for a walk...well, I walked and pushed his trike. We ran into our neighbor's (also my OB - so VERY convenient after having a baby!) mom and her grandkids (does that make sense?...the neighbor's mom watches her kids...I digress...) We all walked around the block and we finally delivered the little girl's long overdue birthday present. From January, folks. Yes, very late. The kids hugged goodbye and the little girl even gave Max a kiss on the cheek.
As we enjoyed the sun, sitting in the driveway drawing with the big chalk, my thoughts were with my neighbor who tragically lost her adult daughter on Sunday. On Mothers Day. In that same house, a little boy had also lost his mother. On Mothers Day. While I was enjoying just another regular Tuesday afternoon, hearts were breaking just right next door. I thought a little bit more about everything I did today. And I couldn't help but wonder what my neighbors were doing while I made dinner and let the dog out and gave Max a bath and read him stories and watched him sleep. Later this week I will bring them a meal and flowers. I will do my best to find some words of comfort. Until then I will pray.

That's all I've got today. I will now drag my tired, sore throat, self to bed.
I promise to have some photos soon.
Goodnight, friends.

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Amanda said...

Boys and girls DO play very differently. My friends with boys always told me this but I didn't really understand until I had one of my own. Wow. ;) And don't you just love preschool? I love that its all about paint, snack, outdoor/gym time, learning to be nice to others and going potty by yourself. ;)

Its so hard to know what to say or do when someone is really going thru such a difficult time, isn't it? Food is always good medicine. And prayers.

I haven't taken many photos lately either, not sure why. I'm taking some photos tonight for a dear friend - first time doing this for someone else and I'm freakin' out. Should be interesting!

Hugs to you and have a great week!